About the Author

Craig Reid, author of The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and now resides in Denver, Colorado. He and his wife met at the University of Texas in Austin, where Mr. Reid received BS and MS degrees in engineering. They have four wonderful children, each of them walking in the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1996, a man spoke at Mr. Reid’s home church in Houston -Second Baptist Church- and supported many of the claims of the bible with scientific principles. Intrigued by evidence provided by that speaker, Mr. Reid set out to read the entire bible, not like he had tried to read it before, but as if it were completely true. The effect of that undertaking cannot be overstated. Mr. Reid fell in love with God, and with his word. He began studying the bible and teaching it as well. During that time, God brought important bible mentors into his life, who challenged and encouraged him in his studies. As a result, his knowledge and understanding of the bible increased; but more than that, his faith in Jesus grew immensely.  Importantly, throughout that time of growth, he developed a steadfast belief in the inerrancy of scripture.

What culminated from those studies, and from the encouragement of mentors and pastors, is the book featured on this website – The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. To be clear, all praise and acclaim belongs to God, who, through the Holy Spirit, taught and guided Mr. Reid through the writing and publishing of this book!

The biography of Mr. Reid is a wonderful story of how God used people, events, the bible and his Holy Spirit to transform an ordinary man into a servant and lover of God.

Craig Reid – Author of The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand